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 Because I am terrible at telling people what I want for birthdays/Christmas/other gift-giving occasions, I am making a list here of stuff I like that people can get for me if they are so inclined

-Captain America merchandise
-actually any Avengers merchandise but Cap is my fav, followed by Hawkeye
-actually any Marvel merchandise but the Avengers are my favs, followed by Spider-Man
-funky pretty patterned stockings/tights
-KNEE SOCKS I blame Hero Duke
-Disney Princesses merch, especially Frozen/Beauty and the Beast/Mulan
-Japanese stuff. Like, literally anything that is even vaguely Japanese I have a problem
-Korean stuff is great too except their spicy food
-BOOKS I love fantasy stories also mystery novels and history stuff especially Ancient Roman/Celtic/Greek
-I like most jewellery but recently I've really gotten into ear cuffs because I don't have pierced ears I am a wimp who is afraid of pain
-HARRY POTTER STUFF even though I already have a ton of HP stuff there is no such thing as too much HP stuff (I am a Hufflepuff jsyk)
-Shirts with funny stuff on them
-STUDIO GHIBLI STUFF I saw a giant stuffed Totoro today and I almost bought it 'cause it was so friggin' cute (update: I have bought a reasonable sized stuffed Totoro)
-bookmarks I collect bookmarks
-I also collect hats
-and badges
-and teddy bears I have over 50 teddy bears don't judge me
-pretty decorative/wearable masks
-funky little lights like little glass things to put tealights in or wood and paper table lanterns
-I'm also loving beachy stuff atm so like decorative sand, seashells, coloured glass bottles, etc
-'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' on DVD (I have season one and two)
-'Marvel's Agent Carter' on DVD
-'Marvel's Daredevil' on DVD
-'The Librarians' on DVD
-'Elementary' on DVD (I have season one)
-'Almost Human' on DVD
-'Star Wars; Clone Wars' on DVD
-a PSP
-Final Fantasy I for PSP
-Final Fantasy II for PSP
-Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- for PSP
-Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy for PSP
-GLOVES especially fingerless ones
-a small pretty cactus that I can keep on a shelf in my room so my mum doesn't kill it by overwatering it
-I saw a historical maps 2016 calendar in Dymocks today that looked interesting, like don't get me wrong I like cute cat pictures as much as the next girl but sometimes you want to change things up. Also historical maps are hilarious
-This thing eeee it's so cute!
-RWBY merch (I already have a Weiss plushie)
-Here is my favourites page on etsy if you need more inspiration
-And my 'want' tag on my tumblr for even more inspiration
-And my wishlist on (S or XS in general for clothing usually works for me)

IMPORTANT NOTE RE: Teddy Bears - I have a weird specific system for naming Build-A-Bears, mostly Disney Princess bears and Marvel bears. If you are wanting to get me a Build-A-Bear, please ask me in advance for the names I want for these bears. I have made a list of which bears I already have and which ones I am wanting most (link below)

I will probably also make lists of things related to these that I already have lots of Marvel Funko bobbleheads for reference once I can figure out how to upload pictures here because Dreamwidth seems to not want me to do that

Update: Lists of stuff I have
-Build-A-Bear list
-Hallmark Itty Bittys list
-Funko merch list

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