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So because I am a huge nerd and I love finding stuff, especially wearables, on Subeta relating to fandoms I'm in, I thought I'd try and compile all the items I know about somewhere. If you know of an item that I don't have listed here related to this fandom, please let me know!

Bambi movie (1942)

Woodland Following

Oh this little toy butterfly is just lovely! Although some other creatures seem to think so too...I think they\'re following you?

Cinderella movie (1950)

Midnight Princess Castle

Enjoy your time at the ball, but be ready to run when the clock strikes midnight or you may find yourself a bit underdressed for the occasion!


Simple Glass Slippers

Eek! Such lovely implements for walking in! Be careful not to lose one of them!

Alice in Wonderland movie (1951)

Curious Vanishing Smoke

You may have noticed that I\'m not all there myself. 


Curious Blonde Braid

Curiouser and curiouser...

Curious Blue Blouse

 One can only imagine how this blouse manages to change size so many times in a day. 

Curious Blue Skirt

Careful not to get snagged on any twigs while wearing this skirt. Getting it dirty would just be a shame. 

Curious Mary Janes

These shoes seem innocent, but something says they have been through quite a lot.

Peter Pan movie (1953)

Fairy Friend

Watch your steps, she is always around you!

Mary Poppins movie (1964)

Miss Jolly Used Chalks

Let's see... You think. You wink. You do a double blink. You close your eyes... and jump! Huh. Well something was supposed to happen here.


Mister Jolly Bow Tie

A clip on, so you can get down to the jolly-ness all that much quicker.

Mister Jolly Cane

Could for keeping you steady when riding on the back of tortoises, I hear!

Mister Jolly Dickey

Full shirts are just so /warm/ if you're going to be prancing about all day wearing a jacket too.

Mister Jolly Hat

This hat is very well adept at finding its way onto stationary hat racks.

Mister Jolly Jacket

You would never dream of pressing your advantage in this jacket.

Mister Jolly Shoes

These shoes might be a touch tight fitting, but forbearance is the hallmark of your creed.

Mister Jolly Trousers

These trousers are actually deceivingly baggy. If you wanted you could pull the crotch down rather far and pretend you were a penguin. Don't.

Mary Poppins

Miss Jolly Bonnet

One must wear a jolly bonnet to keep one's hair in place; and free from chalk dust!

Miss Jolly Boots

Pretty but practical - you wouldn't want to fall and smudge the drawing!

Miss Jolly Chiffon Dress

You'd never think of pressing your advantage, right?

Miss Jolly Corset

It's hard to say the biggest word you ever heard without taking a deep breath first...and this corset makes it even harder!

Miss Jolly Parasol

For keeping the sun out of one's eyes, as well as for looking as demure as possible!

Miss Jolly Underskirt

I hear that forbearance is the hallmark of your creed!

Indiana Jones movies (1981)

Brave Explorer Giant Boulder

Run. Run! RUN!

Indiana Jones

Brave Explorer Belt Holster

How handy!

Brave Explorer Buttoned Shirt

This shirt was white at one point...I think.

Brave Explorer Essential Satchel

It's not a purse it's a satchel.

Brave Explorer Eye Drops

A whole lot of dirt and other miscellaneous gunk gets in ones eyes while being brave and exploring. Best to always have some eye drops on hand!

Brave Explorer Handy Pouch

It's really just used as a distraction. But it does its part. 

Brave Explorer Leather Jacket

Tough and sturdy, this jacket has been through a fair bit in its time!

Brave Explorer Number One Hat

A hat that must not be left behind. Even if you have to risk your lift for it. The hat is WORTH IT. 

Brave Explorer Pants

How are these not torn to shreds.

Brave Explorer Replacement Laces case?

Brave Explorer Shaving Cream

Looks like this shaving cream doesn't get used much...

Brave Explorer Travel Comb

What do you mean, hat head?

Brave Explorer Unbuttoned Shirt

Oh, WHOOPS. It seems I've lost a button! Hopefully my gleaming chest muscles don't distract you. 

Brave Explorer Whip

Useful in more ways than one!

The Little Mermaid movie (1989)

Bottle of Enchantment

Inside this bottle holds the story of two people destined to be together, but torn apart by reality and one so evil. What? Does it end well, you say? Of course! They triumph over evil and live happily ever after.

Bottle of Mermaid Essence

Drink this and soon after you'll find yourself wishing you were able to explore a whole new world under the sea. Caution: May lose your legs and grow something else...

Mermaids Voice

How in the world did this get in here?


Mermaids Fork

"It's a HingleDopper...I think I'll brush my hair with it. :)"

Beauty and the Beast movie (1991)

Beast Mob Torch

We don't like what we don't understand, in fact it scares us -- and this monster is mysterious at least.


Beast Ascot

Makes you look so dapper, despite being a giant beastly creature.

Beast Curved Horn

These belong to the master of the castle, you say? Belong ... how?

Beast Destroyed Portrait

She's so beautiful, and I'm... Well, look at me!

Beast Dress Shorts

Pants... don't really work so well when you have giant beast legs.

Beast Dusty Pawprints

Were you wandering around in the forbidden part of the castle again?

Beast Enchanted Candlestick

Impress her with your rapier wit.

Beast Enchanted Clock

As I always say, "If it's not Baroque, don't fix it!"

Beast Enchanted Feather Duster

Oh my! Watch where you're pointing that thing!

Beast Enchanted Silverware

It hops around on its own and helps serve the food! If you listen carefully, you can hear them rustling about even when the box is closed.

Beast Enchanted Tea Set

Straighten up. Try to act like a gentleman.

Beast Grooming Shears

Keep that unruly fur well-groomed, and maybe you'll find someone to love you before you turn 21.

Beast Overcoat

All that fur doesn't do as good of a job keeping you warm as you'd think.

Beast Rose Clasp

This can keep your trusty cape held together, even in the worst of winter storms.

Beast Shattered Mirror

After all... who could ever learn to love a beast? 

Beast Small Buttons

... These are really hard to do when you don't have fingers. Could I get some help here?

Beast Tattered Shorts

Should I even ask what happened to you in these?

Beast Terrible Claws

It's a beast, he's got fangs -- razor sharp ones. Massive paws, killer claws for the feast.

Beast Tuft of Fur

Ugh, is all your fur falling out now? The last thing you need on top of your curse is to be balding, too.

Beast White Cape

Whoosh. Very threatening!


Beauty Apron

Just in case you manage to fall down while dancing in fields or reading while you walk -- you wouldn't want your dress getting dirty, after all!

Beauty Chemise

She really is a funny girl -- a beauty, but a funny girl.

Beauty Dance Shoes

Comfy shoes for wearing on the ballroom floor.

Beauty Dress Bottom

The designer sure was thinking ahead when he designed the dress in two parts!

Beauty Enchanted Mirror

What a lovely mirror... You can see many things through this, whenever you'd like.

Beauty Gold Satin Top

Shiny and shimmery, fits you like a glove!

Beauty Gold Satin Wrap

Might keep your shoulders a /little/ warmer, at least, right?

Beauty Gorgeous Hair Tie

This was given to you by the one you secretly adore.

Beauty Homemade Bookmark

Here's where she meets Prince Charming, but she won't discover that it's him 'til chapter three. 

Beauty Lipstain

For painting your lips on!

Beauty Mouse-Brown Locks

Plain hair, but you make it look so pretty.

Beauty Plain Ribbon

Just a small ribbon to tie your hair back with. Rather plain, but still beautiful -- just like you!

Beauty Rose Clip

 Just a bit of decoration for your hair -- might help keep any strays out of your face as well!

Beauty Satin Gloves

Cover your arms while you dance, and never worry about cooties from that icky boy you're dancing with ever again!

Beauty Simple Flats

Plain shoes for a plain (yet beautiful) girl.

Beauty Socks

Cute, lightweight socks!

Aladdin movie (1992)

Relic of the Arabian Night

The scarab was given to you as a gift. Don’t be fooled, for this present entails more than you know. It is more than what it seems…a diamond in the rough.


Arabian Wish Strands

Let this magic lamp take you into a whole new world... and a whole new hairstyle!

Left Heavy Gold Triangle Earring

You just want your freedom. *sigh*

Right Heavy Gold Triangle Earring

If you ever are about to be punished as a thief and you have some blinging jewelry in your ears, you could probably offer to pay for whatever it is you inadvertantly stole with that jewelry. Just sayin'.

The Nightmare Before Christmas movie (1993)

Ghostly Canine Companion

Despite being dead, this little guy will faithfully follow you everywhere. His nose will even light the way on the darkest of nights!

The Lion King movie (1994)

Cloud Carved Stone

Looks like we're the first ones to the party! The elephants must have gotten lost somewhere by the watering hole.

Tarzan movie (1997)

Jungle Damsel Animal Study

The primary objective of her journey here was to study and capture on paper the native animals - gorillas in particular, although she was pleased to find any animal that would stay still long enough to be drawn.

Jungle Damsel Projector

She had shown him pictures of buildings using the projector, and they had left him in awe. He only knew of one structure that could compare, and he took her there. The treehouse would eventually become a home to them both.

Jane Porter

Jungle Damsel Belt

The young traveler believed that a good belt was the finishing touch to any sophisticated lady's ensemble.

Jungle Damsel Bustle

She had worn the bustle at first as all proper ladies were supposed to - but it soon became clear to her that the jungle was no place for such finery!

Jungle Damsel Corset Top

She had never particularly liked corsets, finding them tight and uncomfortable. But this one had been a gift from her father, and so she wore it dutifully. At least it had an interesting design!

Jungle Damsel Flower Gift

He had picked this flower for her, telling her it reminded him of her eyes. She thanked goodness she had not taught him any cliche phrases to go with his sentiment.

Jungle Damsel Hair Pins

She had believed the hair pins very necessary at the start of her trip. A lady needs to be presentable to her accompanying gentlemen.

Jungle Damsel Hat Pin

The young damsel had always found a detachable hat sash provided more option for outfit customization. She had fashioned a small hatpin to make this possible.

Jungle Damsel Light Dress

Light both in color and weight, this dress provided the lady with the perfect amount of romanticism with practicality. As long as she had her reinforced stockings on, of course. Once they were off, her bare legs were at the peril of any wild thing around!

Jungle Damsel Loose Hair

 It become very soon apparent that she could not maintain her sophisticated appearance in the jungle. She took to the metaphor literally, and let her hair down.

Jungle Damsel Reinforced Stockings

In an area known for its heavy rainfall and ground obstacles, any lady knows to travel in her reinforced stockings. They protect from the damp as well as from minor scratches!

Jungle Damsel Shoes

 A sturdy pair of shoes is essential for any traveling lady. A bit of style thrown in is just a bonus.

Jungle Damsel Travelling Hat

A hat had been necessary for travel. Not only to keep the hair in place, but also to shade the eyes from the bright sunlight.

Jungle Damsel Undershirt

She found this shirt to be hard wearing and protective of her arms during her travels, but also soft and comfortable.

Jungle Damsel Useful Berries

She had noticed early on in her trip that the small red oval berries dotted around the jungle stained her clothing if they were broken open. As she began life in the jungle with the Wildman she found the berries could stain her lips too. A useful tool in a world without cosmetics!

Jungle Damsel Wild Skirt

The change of lifestyle had been very freeing. Almost as freeing as this tiny jungle skirt!

Jungle Damsel Wild Top

Once she had decided to spend her life with the Wildman, her wardrobe took a significant cut. In more than one way!

Lilo & Stitch movie (2002)

Lost Antenna

'Ohana' means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.

Pirates of the Caribbean movies (2003)

Jar of Dirt

I've got a jar of diiirt!

Stolen Aztec Coin

Where did you get this? You had better hide it before someone or something comes to get it back.

The Chronicles of Narnia movies (2005)

Old Lantern

This seems oddly familiar..


Snow Queen Cloak

Keeps you warm even in the coldest of places.

Snow Queen Crown

A delicate, imposing crown made of pure ice.

Snow Queen Dagger

A sharp dagger.

Snow Queen Dead Feather Scarf

What is that...

Snow Queen Dreads

It's messy, ugly, and somehow so you.

Snow Queen Dress

Silky, cold, beautiful.

Snow Queen Earrings

Nevermelting ice makes these earrings sparkle like diamonds. 

Snow Queen Eyeshadow

Piercing gaze.

Snow Queen Fur

The warmest you can get.

Snow Queen Head Plate

Something you would want to wear should you go to war.

Snow Queen Ice Shards

Delicate shards of ice.

Snow Queen Necklace

Made with a piece of nevermelting ice.

Snow Queen Pelt

This looks like something you would wear to war.

Snow Queen Pelt Scarf

Nice and warm. Kind of.

Snow Queen Ring

A delicate, nevermelting snowflake.

Snow Queen Ritual Dress

This is very different from your usual choice of white.

Snow Queen Shoulder Wrap

Not much to keep the chill out. But you like it that way.

Snow Queen Staff

What deep magic is contained in this pure silver staff? It is always cold...

Snow Queen Sword

A heavy sword.

Mr. Tumnus

Chilly Red Scarf

 I hope you decide to wear something besides this to stay warm!

Curious Tuft of Hair

What is this..

Even Curiouser Hair

What is going on here?

Peter Pevensie

Lost Schoolboy Belt

Made with tough, darkened leather and gold.

Lost Schoolboy Bracers

Made with strong, light-weight silver.

Lost Schoolboy Chailmail Leggings

The sharpest blade would not be able to pierce this fine armor.

Lost Schoolboy Chainmail Shirt

No arrow can pierce this armor.

Lost Schoolboy Coat

Surely no one minds that you borrowed it.

Lost Schoolboy Pants

Way too baggy for you!

Lost Schoolboy Pauldrons

Made with tough silver, gold.

Lost Schoolboy Plain Shirt

It's way too big for you.

Plain Schoolboy Shoes

So plain.

Lost Schoolboy Shield

The best silver available was used to forge this shield.

Lost Schoolboy Silver Boots

The toughest silver in the land!

Lost Schoolboy Silver Glove

Protect the hand that wields the sword!

Lost Schoolboy Single Glove

Hold onto your shield tight!

Lost Schoolboy Suspenders

Needed to hold up those baggy pants of yours.

Lost Schoolboy Sword

Are you brave enough to wield this sword?

Lost Schoolboy Tabard

Who are you loyal to?

Lost Schoolboy Wig

A soft tuft of hair.

Tangled movie (2010)

Nuance Frog Buddy

Isn't that a chameleon? Whatever, it's green and eats flies and enjoys hide and seek.

Sirenic Lantern

And at last I see the light.

Flynn Rider

Handsome Thief Wig

Imagine yourself a brand new person with this wig; you can be anyone you want to be, dashing and daring, dapper, not too bad with the ladies! You can even use the confidence instilled with the wearing of this wig to perfect the perfect smouldering look!


Piled Tangle

It's sooo much hair! Makes a good ladder though...

Untangled Lantern Cut

When you cut off those long golden locks, they lose all magical powers... and apparently the ability to grow.

Tron: Legacy movie (2010)

Circuit Key

A strange key. I wonder what it could possibly power up?

Memory Chip

It seems to only hold a little bit of data.

Mini Flash Drive

Only seems to hold a few bytes before it's full..

Mini Keyboard

Places you in the game.

Small Floppy Disc

Puts you on the grid.


Cyber Belt

Contains game data.

Cyber Boots

Flooded with power.

Cyber Disc

Necessary for survival.

Cyber Fingerless Gloves

Enhances your typing speed.

Cyber Gloves

Increases your upload speed.

Cyber Hairpiece

Sleek hairstyle fit for action.

Cyber Pants

Pants designed for easy mobility.

Cyber Skirt

Shorter than a flash drive.

Cyber Top

The motherboard of your wardrobe.

Cyber Vest

Protects you from malicious programs.


Circuit Boots

Power courses through these. Can you feel it?

Circuit Covers

Alive with electricity.

Circuit Disc

Never enter the world without it.

Circuit Gloves

Energizes you.

Circuit Helm

Protects your virtual head.

Circuit Pants

Fit for a gamer.

Circuit Shoulder Protectors

Lightweight shoulder protectors flowing with electricity.

Circuit Top

Protects your mainframe.

Circuit Vest

Suitable for all users.

Brave movie (2012)

Bravely Styled Tendrils

This hair style adequately reveals everything one needs to know about the person: wild, unmanageable, untamed and willing to go to any lengths to prove just how incredibly brave they are.

Valiant Red Curls

Would you choose your own destiny?

Frozen movie (2013)

Adorable Reindeer Doll

And who's the funky looking donkey over there?

Discarded Winter Glove

Maybe this glove didn't suit the wearer and they chose to let it go? Or maybe the cold just didn't bother them. What's that in the distance?


Frosted Fashion Skirt

Carved from magic and ice. Keep refrigerated when not wearing.

Frosted Fashion Top

A great way to cool down on a warm summer day or even in winter. I hear the cold doesn't bother you anyways.

Frozen Dress Ice Sculpture

It shimmers in your hands, as if it was created from pure ice magic.

Icy French Braid

Complete with ice crystals, only the coldest of individuals can pull off this hairstyle.


Red Evil Mutton Chops

Oh mutton chops... if only there was someone out there who loved you.


Plushie of Warm Hugs
Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle!


Loyal Reindeer Plushie
Plushies are better than people!

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