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So because I am a huge nerd and I love finding stuff, especially wearables, on Subeta relating to fandoms I'm in, I thought I'd try and compile all the items I know about somewhere. If you know of an item that I don't have listed here related to this fandom, please let me know!

Final Fantasy III

Onion Knight

Garlic Warrior Helm

How does this even relate to garlic? I don't understand.

Final Fantasy VII

Blooming Church Rubble

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Get off the flowers, are you deaf?!

Flower Girl Basket
It's amazing how only a few flowers can brighten any area. Even a slum is made a little more cheery.

Aerith Gainsborough

Flower Girl Boots

These boots can handle any type of weather!

Flower Girl Dress

What a gorgeous, yet simple dress. Although blood stains would ruin it...

Flower Girl Jacket

Such a snazzy jacket! It won't really keep you warm...but at least it looks super chic.

Flower Girl Ribbon

This ribbon is perfect for holding back, oh, let's say...a super long braid? 

Cloud Strife

Soldier Boy Boots

These boots are the best around! They can handle ANYTHING. C'mon. Test 'em out.

Soldier Boy Leather Suspenders

No doubt that these will hold your pants up. Look at how huge they are. Is that really necessary? 

Soldier Boy Pants

Is there any reason as to why these pants are so...poofy? 

Soldier Boy Pauldron

Just one?

Soldier Boy Turtle Neck

Turtle necks are in this year.

Soldier Boy Wig

dat hair

Genesis Rhapsodos

Red Leather Warrior Jacket

Whatever you do, don't start reading poetry on the battle field. Usually it does not work.


Double Bladed Katana

This sword is searching for its mother.


Confident Redhead Wig

Warning: May be prone to cockiness and a lack of professional etiquette in a work place... Pft, like that matters. You'll look really cool.


Silver Locks of the Dark Angel

With a swish of your hair, the air suddenly smells less like death and destruction and more like... Roses. No, wait. Now it's Lilac...

Final Fantasy VIII

Rinoa Heartilly

Angel Duster

This duster-sweater is a cute hybrid that should keep you through some rough times, for a long time! A really long time!

Caramel Streaked Locks

Those caramel streaks really bring out the color in your eyes! And your... Wings?

Squall Leonhart

Revolving Gunblade

Oh, did you say not to bring a knife to a gunfight? Glad I came prepared!

Final Fantasy IX

Lost Mage Charms

This little guy may look like a doll, but he has more life than you can shake a staff at!

Final Fantasy X

Piece of Lost Soul

Some are wary to approach these ruins, fearing something horribly sinful haunts them.


Belted Mage Dress

Wow, there are a lot of belts on that dress! I wonder if they can be removed...


Blue Ruffled Side Skirt

This skirt allows for awesome ease of movement, while being stylish as well!

Long Braided Hair


Final Fantasy XII

Forest Sprite Braces

These seem kind of ornate and delicate. Are you sure they will work as armor? 

Forest Sprite Clawed Heels

The claws...they do nothing!

Forest Sprite Head Guard

Wow, this head guard is so beautiful. It's a wonder what it's made of. 

Forest Sprite Metal Corset

A...metal corset? Have fun with that.

Forest Sprite Untamed Locks

How is hair like that even POSSIBLE?!

Final Fantasy XIII

Shocking Rose Strands

Just the hairstyle you need to fight your fate.

Final Fantasy XV
Noctis Lucis Caelum

Noxious Prince Swoosh
(Note: This wig also comes in Nocturnal and Virtuous)

Although this style looks princely, you won't be swept off your feet in the way you're hoping for!

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