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So because I am a huge nerd and I love finding stuff, especially wearables, on Subeta relating to fandoms I'm in, I thought I'd try and compile all the items I know about somewhere. If you know of an item that I don't have listed here related to this fandom, please let me know!

Blue Glowing Wand

Blue, eh? Perhaps you can command the skies with this dinky little magic stick?

Crimson Academy Scarf

Make a bold statement with this stately crimson scarf!

Crimson Academy Sweater

Look proud and dignified as you... doze off to boring lectures and take exams.

Crumbling Bricks


Diadem of Evil

You'll find it in the place where everything is hidden.

Diary of Evil

Funny. The damage a silly little book can do, especially within the hands of a silly little girl. 

Emerald Academy Scarf

Green- no emerald!- is the colour of envy. And you can count on others to be envious... of you. And your awesome gree- EMERALD scarf. But mostly you. You know it.

Emerald Academy Sweater

Sweater: 100% wool. Collared shirt: 100% cotton. Tie: 99% silk, 1% pure evil.

Enchanted Eagle Owl Feather

Not quite light as a feather, eh?

Enchanted SCOPS Owl Feather

Is it just me, or did something tiny land on my shoulder?

Enchanted Snowy Owl Feather

This snow-white feather has a rather magical aura about it, does it not? :blush:

Gilded Snowy Owl Cage

She may be your only friend and link to your loved ones during those long and lonely summers... Oh shoot! Where did she go? I must have left the cage open again!

Gilded Tray of Phoenix Ashes

This glowing pile of ashes belongs to the fiercely loyal companion of a powerful wizard. Maybe if you observe it carefully, you will have the luck of seeing his rebirth!

Golden Academy Scarf

Make it easy for people to spot you in the snow with this pee-coloured scarf. Yes, bee-coloured! I did say bee-coloured, right?

Golden Academy Sweater

Show that your tie is made of gold, even if your heart is... not. (Psst... could you give me the answer to question five?)

Green Glowing Wand

What shall we summon today?

Irrecoverable Diadem of Wisdom

This intricately crafted piece is said to give its wearer all the knowledge she would ever need. You could really use that knowledge to locate it.

Locket of Evil

I know I will be dead long before you read this but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match you will be mortal once more.

Magic Wand

A real magic wand. What it lacks in showiness, it makes up for in power.

Navy Academy Scarf

Cozy, yet refined. What a concept!

Navy Academy Sweater

OMG SCHOOL SPIRIT WOOO- er. *cough* Ahem. Had something caught in my throat.

Orange Glowing Wand

Hmm. The flickering light emanating from the end of this elegant silver wand is rather similar to the colour of the light emanating from the end of the Yellow Glowing Wand. I wonder if this might be some coincidence?

Owl Treats

Keep your owl companion happy with this bag of owl treats! Flavored with such delights as vole, shrew and wood mouse!

Owlery Letter

Oh dear, a letter TO the owlery? Really you want to avoid this place if you can...or at least wear some sturdy boots to visit it! (And probably carry an umbrella too)

Serpent Companion of Evil

Kill the snake.

Snowy Owl Companion

Perfect pet for any young wizard or witch; reliable post owl, highly intelligent, and faithful to the very end.

Yellow Glowing Wand

 I may have to magick up some scrambled eggs, methinks. Mmmmm. Foooood.

Albus Dumbledore

Jar of Memories

Sometimes, when you've lived life long and full, you may feel as though you've got too many thoughts and memories crammed into your mind.

Powerful Old Wand

Never kill with it, never boast. You must only use it to tame it, to protect others from its power.

Luna Lovegood

Loony Coat

Made out of the wool of the infamous wigglesboon, or so I'm told.

Loony Dress

Maybe you can wear this to the party! People might want to be your friends.

Loony Hi Tops

Don't worry if you lose these, most things tend to find their way back to you eventually.

Loony Specs

Very useful for seeing things that other people can't see.

Sybill Trelawney

Heavy Crystal Ball

Oh, my dear, it is here. I see it--plainer than ever before! Your fate, stalking towards you on grim feet....

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